Americana Hardwood Siding & Cladding

Americana Siding is 100% grown, harvested, and manufactured in Pennsylvania, the heart of the American hardwood forests.


Shiplap design does not require any proprietary clip system, but uses standard wood siding install practices with furring strips. Go with Ash for a bold, pronounced grain, or Poplar for the smooth look.


  • Thermally Modified Ash or Poplar
  • 1 x 8
  • 1 x 7
  • 1 x 6
  • 1 x 5
  • 1 x 4
  • 1 x 3

Design Features

  • It's real wood.
  • Shiplap profile, with or without a gap, and other variations are available upon request. Get the look you want. We are the manufacturer, so it can be totally your call.

Pennsylvania Ash, Oak, and Poplar. Made in PA from forest to finish.

Why Thermally Modified...