Thermal Modification...the beauty is all in the name.

Heat changes the wood.

Steam keeps it stable and equalizes it to the outdoor environment.

That's it.

  •  No injecting of toxic chemicals.
  •  No stew of oils, plastics, and resins.
  •  Nothing but pure, beautiful, natural Pennsylvania hardwood.
Solar panels

You want a low carbon footprint? Then let's go negative: the wood harvesting process contributes only a minute fraction of the carbon sequestered by the wood itself. New growth of young trees take in that carbon, and then a whole lot more. Plus, our solar array more than doubly off-sets the energy used to transform the wood.

Because we're local, we don't have to transport the wood over the ocean.

Drive through or fly over Pennsylvania. Take a look. You will see vast expanses of hardwood trees that almost twice out-grow the harvest every year. This is no slash-and-burn tropical rainforest. This is the very picture of health, vitality, sustainability, and beauty.

Choices matter. Americana is the choice for your outdoor living space...and what a great story you can tell.